The 4S Method of Public Speaking

The 4S Method of Public Speaking




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What is 4S method of Public Speaking

  • If public speaking is a skill than there has to be steps , techniques and methods otherwise how one can learn and practice – 4S is the simplest yet most effective method of public speaking
  • 4S method is step by step process which will help you to convert your subject content into presentable and easy to understand content
  • 4S method also ensures that you learn to deliver the content with your natural body language or vocal modulation

Who should learn

  • Needless to say your ability to speak effectively is critical for your professional growth irrespective of your field
  • If you are a leader or want to be one this is the most essential skill
  • This skill can be life changing for entrepreneurs as their primary role is to inspire people
  • This skill is extremely essential for senior professionals so they keep sharing their experiences with the world

Where to apply 4S method

  • In professional setup whenever you are giving presentations, speeches or talks offline and online both
  • As an educator , teacher or trainer use this method to enhance the audience engagement
  • Use this method when you are making videos for social media
  • Use this method in conference setups like TEDx talks , Josh Talks or industry specific conference


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