Speaking in English is a Cake Walk

Speaking in English is a Cake Walk




Speaking in English is a Cake Walk

Duration : 90 min

Webinar Day and Time : Monday 7.00 PM

Book Free Live Webinar to speak in English fearlessly and fluently. Like a cake has 4 layers to it, learning English too has 4 layers to it.  If we follow these 4 steps systematically and consistently, speaking in English would be nothing more than a piece of cake.

What I will learn

  • Learn the 4 layers of learning English step by step
  • Develop the fearless mind to speak in English
  • Learn how to improve your fluency
  • Learn to avoid common mistakes while speaking in English
  • Learn to improve your vocabulary and phrase bank
  • Learn to speak in English fearlessly and fluently

 Who should attend

This Webinar is for YOU if

  • You recognize that English plays an important role in your professional growth
  • You want to share your thoughts ,ideas and learnings with the world to grow faster
  • You want to transform the way you express yourself in English.
  • You want to add thousands of words to your active vocabulary.
  • You want to strengthen your professional image by ensuring accuracy, clarity and brevity in your


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