Speak and Grow Family

Speak and Grow Family




Be a part of Speak and Grow Family where 15k+ members share their views and stories every day, effortlessly with the help of unconditioned communication skills.

For whom?

✔️ Anyone who recognizes that good communication is the key to   successful outcomes, more productive relationships and a happy life

✔️ Anyone who wants to share their thoughts ideas and learning to grow

✔️ Anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom

How will I learn ?

Learn The Modern Techniques of Public Speaking- 100 + Hours of organised video training

 All in your bag !!!

  • 5 Online courses on basic and advanced public speaking skills (32 hours)
  • ​19 live workshop recordings on public speaking skills (45 hours)
  • 8 live workshop recordings on the application of public speaking skills for professional growth (27 hours)

How will I Practice?

Practice Public Speaking along with 15k+ like minded members

  • Enjoy the speakers’ paradise – no fear of judging
  • ​Share your thoughts , stories , views fearlessly with 15k+ like minded members
  • ​Practice and polish your communication skills by making videos , speaking impromptu and conducting webinars for the members
  • ​ Receive feedback suggestions and love from members
  • ​Get an extended family

Practice  public speaking in weekly LIVE competition

  • Speak and Grow Skill Day – Prove your mettle and inspire the audience
  • 4 Hrs  weekly LIVE public speaking competition | Every Sunday 7.00 PM IST
  • Prepare and showcase your public speaking skills
  • Digital feedback from the audience
  • Personalized feedback from the evaluators on – Grammar , Fluency , Delivery and time management

How will I develop bond with other members ?

  • Speak and Grow Katta- Where the mind is without fear
  • 90 min weekly LIVE session | Every Friday 7.00 PM IST
  • Explore and showcase your talent ( other than speaking like singing , dancing etc
  • Recordings accessible at your ease

 Will I get certificate after the course ?

Yes. You will receive certificate after completion of the course.

Will I get access to the  recordings of all the sessions?

Yes. You will get access to the recording of all the sessions.


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