Read. Write. Speak. Family

Read. Write. Speak. Family




Be a part of READ WRITE SPEAK  where we empower you with the three effective self-learning techniques – Speed Reading, Mind Mapping and Focused Speaking. Join the community today and start discovering the wiser version of you..

Who Is This For? 

It is for anyone:

  • who wants to improve their retention and recall capability
  • who wants to save their time and improve their productivity
  • who is willing to learn something new
  • who wants to become a solution provider
  • who wants to upgrade their skills and improve their effectiveness at work
  • who wants to unleash their creative side and generate innovative ideas
  • who want to enhance their learning skills and broaden their mental horizon
  • who wants to turn their mundane daily activities into a joyful experience

What will you learn?

  • The Blueprint to accelerate reading
  • Identify speed reading myths and debunk them
  • Comprehend what you read!
  • Organize your ideas, thoughts, and goals & deliver/express your content with clarity
  • Enhance and accelerate your learning with better retention and recall capability
  • Brainstorm and design the blueprint for your speech, article, books, etc.
  • How to use Mind Mapping in your day-to-day life situations
  • How to make beautiful Mind Maps: both hand-drawn and digital?

How will I learn ?

Total 12 hours Crash Course broken into  4-Weekend Live Educational sessions – “Meet the wiser you”

Every Sunday 11.00 AM – 2.00 PM

Week 1:

  • How to calculate your reading Speed?
  • Busting of speed-reading myths
  • Mindset required to read fast
  • 3 Most important habits that slow your reading

Week 2:

  • Prerequisites to read better
  • Skillset required to overcome each habit
  • Blueprint to achieve speed reading goals
  • Doubt clearing session

Week 3: Unlock Your Potential using Mind Mapping

-The Promise: Who is it for and why you need it?

-The Art and Science behind Mind Mapping

– Mindset required to embrace this amazing skill ‘Mind Mapping’

– What is a Mind Map?

– Seven rules of Mind Mapping

– Make your first hand-drawn mind map to deep dive into your latent potential

– Interactive Exercise

Week 4- Increase your task bandwidth with Mind Mapping

  • Practical examples how Mind Maps can be used in personal and professional life
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Introduction to digital Mind Maps
  • Brainstorm and make a collaborative Mind Map
  • Comparison of hand-drawn & software (digital) Mind Map
  • Introduction to Advance Mind Mapping Applications
  • The Way forward!

How will  I clear my doubts ?

  • Weekly Live doubt clearing session
  • Every Wednesday 8.00 PM ( For 12 Months )
  • Describe the session

 How will I practice ?

  • Get access to closed private Facebook group ( 12 months)
  • Practice along with other members in the closed community
  • Create private rooms in the closed community to practice
  • Describe more how they can practice

How will I keep upgrading the Mindset to speak with focus

  • Weekly LIVE Mindset Session by Praveen Wadalkar
  • Every Tuesday 7.00 PM ( For 12 Months)
  • Develop the controlled and calm mind to speak and grow in your life

How will I develop bond with other members ?

  • Join Katta LIVE- Where the mind is without fear
  • 90 min weekly LIVE session | Every Friday 7.00 PM IST
  • Explore and showcase your talent ( other than speaking like singing , dancing etc
  • Recordings accessible at your ease

Will I get certificate after the course ?

Yes. You will receive certificate after completion of the course.

Will I get access to the  recordings of all the sessions?

Yes. You will get access to the recording of all the sessions.


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