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Curious Ranger




What is Curious Rangers?

A community which diversifies your child’s observation and knowledge through the fundamental principles of Curiosity, Communication and Confidence.

How your child will learn?

12-Weekend Live crash course – “Be a curious ranger”

Every Sunday 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM

Weekly Live Training via activities. First 5 week activities

  1. Paper and ball
  2. Paper, glass and water
  3. blossoming water flower
  4. Eggshell Tripod
  5. Postcard Structures

What your child will learn ?

  • Develop natural curiosity, and enable the child to understand the importance of knowing about the world.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to conduct self-inquiry and develop independence in learning.
  • Actively enjoy learning using observation, critical thinking, communication, reflection and sustained love for learning.
  • Overall communication development through V-A-K technique.
  • Improving observation, concentration and coherence through listening skills and speaking skills.
  • Powerful practical tools like BELIEF SYSTEM, Questioning, Logic Play.
  • Unlock the fun element, unleash the creativity, in every curious set up.
  • Turn any monotony into a celebration, through powers like Intuition and Reasoning.

Who is it for?

It is for any child :-

  • who wants to unleash their creative side and generate innovative ideas
  • For the Visual and kinaesthetic learners who love to observe and learn through experiencing or doing things.
  • who want to enhance their learning skills and broaden their mental horizon
  • who wants to turn their mundane daily activities into a joyful experience
  • who are shy, hesitant and introvert and have low , self- esteem.
  • Who wants to learn to express themselves in English,
  • Kids who believe they can Rock on Stage, breaking through the Monotony.

Will I get certificate after the course ?

Yes. You will receive certificate after completion of the course.

Will I get access to the  recordings of all the sessions?

Yes. You will get access to the recording of all the sessions.


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