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CPR – Free Event


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CPR – Learn How to Save a Life of a Family Member or Another Person in 7 Easy Steps

Who should attend your event?

  • Parent
  • Person working in groups & teams, Corporate employee.
  • Teachers & School staff.
  • Coaches, Athletic trainers, Yoga teacher.
  • Law Enforcement personnel: Police, Military, Security guard.
  • Firefighters, Flight attendants, Construction workers.
  • Student.
  • Everyone will get benefit from learning CPR as it provides confidence & peace of mind that you’re ready to help in the event of an emergency.

What Audience will learn from your event?

  • How to Recognize a person with Cardiac arrest.
  • How to perform 7 steps of CPR.
  • Have a feeling of Empowerment with a lIfe-Saving Skill.


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